Conducting research is an integral part of a PhD degree. Without submitting a quality written dissertation that uses the best methodological approach, you cannot grab your PhD degree. Choosing the right methodology can determine the success of your dissertation. The reason is that you cannot answer all the research questions until you choose the right methodology. It is hence very important to know how to choose the correct and the best approach.

It is clear from your presence here that you are unaware of the steps to follow or tips to have in mind when choosing the best methodological approach. However, you must not worry at all if you do not even know about it. In today’s post, we will unearth the top 7 tips for the selection of the research methodology. So, let’s get started with the topic.

Top 7 tips to follow when choosing the best methodology

The choice of the best methodological approach is the most difficult and confusing decision in the life of a student. Normally, it is the research questions that dictate the choice of a particular methodology. However, you still should know the top tips that can help you choose the right methodology. Hence, a brief description of the top tips is as follows:

1. Understand the nature of your research

Every research study, either it is qualitative or quantitative, has its own nature and purpose. Even the two qualitative research studies have their own purposes, aims, and objectives. Therefore, as the researcher who is going to choose the best methodological approach, you must consider the nature of your research investigation. This consideration is necessary because you have some research questions to answer. Hence, know the nature and purpose of your research study first.

Following the trends and knowing the norms in your research area is the second tip that you must consider. Keep an eye on the latest research being published in your research field. Through this, have an idea of the methodologies that researchers in your field are using these days. Researchers who share the same field often follow the same methodological approach. However, it is not necessary to follow the herd.

3. Practicalities of the research methodology

As the researcher, you must not overlook the constraints that can hinder the research process using a particular methodology. Every methodology can get you some results, but there is no guarantee that the results obtained are the true reflection of the participants you are studying. Hence, the 3rd tip is that you must know the practicalities of a research methodology by keeping the possible research constraints in mind.

4. Know the research aims and objectives

Tip no. 4 is about knowing the research aims and objectives. The reason is that the objectives that you want to achieve are the main indicators of using a particular methodological approach. Furthermore, you must also know the variables that you intend to study about the research problem. All these things guide you towards the selection of a good methodology. However, if you still face any difficulty, share the aims and objectives with an online PhD dissertation help service, and it will help you with methodology.

5. Read previously published research studies

There could be an immeasurable number of ways to conduct a research study. However, all those ways are not meant for you. So, to choose the best methodological approach for your research study, you must read the previously published research papers in your field. This will expose you to different approaches that are being used by different researchers in your field. Hence, read the literature present in your research area.

6. Take a look at the required data collection method

Tip no. 6 suggests that you must review your intended data collection method. It means whether you want to collect data going into the field or in the lab. Depending on your choice, choose the methodology. It is necessary because there can be more than one approach used to study the same problem, but it is the preferred data collection method that helps you decide.

7. Choose the methodology and review it

Lastly, after taking all the tips mentioned above into consideration, it is time to choose the best methodology that suits your research aims and objectives. So, choose it. However, you must make sure that after choosing the methodology, reviewing it is necessary. Review it for the estimated time it will take to achieve the objectives.


Conclusively, choosing and deciding on a methodological approach is not easy. The chosen methodology must be perfect from all angles. The tips given above can help you a lot in choosing the right methodology. Therefore, as the researcher, you must read all the tips mentioned above and take the necessary steps.