Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme is a new project under the banner of Mivida City by Mivida Group. The project will provide a mix of both affordable and luxurious housing options for Islamabad residents. The scheme will offer a variety of layouts and sizes, with each unit featuring a unique design. Units will also come with features like air conditioning, terraces and private swimming pools.

Mivida City Islamabad Developers & Owners:

Pakistani city of Islamabad is fast developing and with that comes the need for new housing schemes. Khanial Builders (Pvt) Limited jointly developed by Mivida Developments Private Limited, Meinhardt Group Singapore has come up with a new housing scheme called Mivida City Islamabad.

This new project is located in the city center and consists of a mix of residential and commercial units.

Mivida City Islamabad NOC:

The Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme is expected to be approved soon by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. The city is located in the northwestern part of Islamabad, and it has a population of around one million people. The housing scheme will provide homes for around one hundred thousand people. The NOC of the city is expected to be approved soon, and it will allow the construction of high-rise apartments and commercial buildings.

Mivida City Islamabad Location:

Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme is located close to the M-2 Motorway and Adiyala Road and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. The housing scheme offers comfortable and spacious apartments that are perfect for living. The project also includes a recreation area, children’s play area, multipurpose hall, gymnasium, and several other facilities.

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Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme : A Place to Call Home! Road

The Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme is a new development that is situated in the heart of Islamabad. It offers residents a place to call home, with everything they need close at hand. The development features a wide range of amenities, including a shopping center, schools, and hospitals. Additionally, the scheme has its own security system and 24-hour emergency services.

Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme-luxurious living at its finest!

Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme is a luxurious living at its finest. The development offers a wide range of luxurious apartments, villas and townhouses that come with all the modern amenities. From state-of-the-art security systems to top-of-the-line kitchens and bathrooms, residents will find everything they need to make their stay in Mivida City Islamabad comfortable and pleasant.

Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme- find your dream home here!

Do you dream of living in a luxurious city home? Mivida City Islamabad has the perfect housing scheme for you! This city offers a wide range of luxurious homes, perfect for anyone looking to live a life of luxury. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home or an apartment complex, Mivida City Islamabad has something for you. This is the perfect place to find your dream home, so don’t wait any longer!

Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme- Living the Good Life!

Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme is a novel development that is aimed at providing quality living spaces to the people of Islamabad. The project offers residential apartments that come with all the modern amenities and conveniences that a person could desire. The apartments are designed in a way that they are both spacious and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this, the scheme also offers a host of other facilities and amenities such as swimming pool, gardens, children’s play area, 24 hour security etc.


Mivida City Islamabad is a new township being developed by the Mivida Group in the federal capital, Islamabad. The township has been designed to meet the needs of a modern city and has been planned to be accessible by all means of transport. It is situated next to the Chakri Road, almost 9 minutes drive away from the M-2 Motorway, 34 minutes drive away from the M-1 Motorway and 15 minutes drive away from Adiyala Road.

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

The housing scheme of Mivida City Islamabad is one of the most eye-catching developments in the city. The project is located close to some of the city’s main landmarks such as the Khanial Homes Blue World City Capital and the Thalian Interchange. The development also includes a number of other places of interest such as the Chakri Interchange, the Jarrar Homes and the Al-Haram City.

Mivida City Islamabad Master Plan:

The Municipality of Islamabad, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has embarked on a master plan for Mivida City, which will improve the quality of life for its residents. The plan includes the development of infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, and parks; improvement of residential areas; and the promotion of commerce and industry.

Facilities & Amenities:

Mivida City Islamabad is a residential project that offers state of the art facilities and amenities to its residents. The project is strategically located, making it easily accessible from all major parts of the city. Some of the key features of the project include a well-equipped gym, a large swimming pool, a children’s play area, and 24/7 security. The apartments are spacious and well-designed, with ample natural light and ventilation. The project also offers a number of retail shops and restaurants, making it the perfect place to live and work.

Salient Features:

Mivida City Islamabad is a beautiful and affluent city located in the federal capital of Islamabad, Pakistan. It has an entrance gate and is accessible 24/7 by security. The city has many features that make it a desirable place to live such as affordability, grand mosque, water resources education complex, and accessibility. Additionally, the boundary wall is solar-powered and there are trees around the city.

Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

If you are looking for a city to invest in, then Mivida City, Islamabad is definitely worth considering. There are many benefits of investing in real estate in Islamabad, such as the fact that it is a growing city with plenty of potential. Additionally, there are many real estate investment companies available in Mivida City, which means that you can find one that suits your needs and budget.

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In conclusion, the Mivida City Islamabad housing scheme project is a great investment opportunity. The project is well-planned and has all the necessary amenities. It is a safe and secure community with excellent schools and hospitals nearby. I highly recommend this project to anyone looking for a quality home in a peaceful and serene setting.


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