Sunrise may be a small city with fewer than a hundred thousand residents, but it’s in a prime spot. It’s very close to many of the historical, natural, and cultural sites in Florida. It’s mainly a residential city, with many of its residents commuting to work in Miami, Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.

The good news is that if you want to dine out, you don’t have to go out of the city at all to enjoy some terrific food. Here are some Sunrise restaurants that will surely get a rise out of you!

Udipi Café

Located on University Drive, this is regarded by many as one of the restaurants in the whole of South Florida for Indian cuisine. Here, they offer authentic Indian dishes, and vegetarians won’t feel out of place when they visit.

Try the Dosas, which are thin crepes that you can enjoy plain, or have it with coconut chutney or some potato filling. You should also order the Channa Batura. The channa is a thick chick pea soup, and it’s simmered with tomatoes and spices until the chick peas are tender. It’s then served with the batura, which is a fried dough bread.

Pho Brandon

It’s true that finding a restaurant that serves Vietnamese dishes isn’t all that easy in South Florida. But then there’s Pho Brandon, which offers a menu highlighted with dishes that you might find in five-star restaurants.

Their famous Pho is always a good option. You get the tasty beef bone broth, rice noodle, and slices of beef. Here, they use secret family recipes that involve 19 different ingredients, and requires 20 hours of cooking time. Good luck replicating the results at home.

You should also try the Number 37 on the menu, which is bun thit nuong Cha gio. You get char grilled pork and egg roll with vermicelli noodles, along with some thit nuong banh mi, pho, bubble tea, and Vietnamese coffee.

Don Carlin Restaurant

This is a Cuban restaurant that doesn’t seem all that impressive upon first glance, and it’s even inside a shopping center. But it’s actually a great place to find a home-cooked Cuban meal, just like what you might find in a regular home in Cuba. They offer plenty of takeout options, along with terrific weekly lunch specials.

If you just want something simple, then you can always ask for the media noche sandwich. For something a bit more adventurous, try the ropa vieja or the seafood paella. You should also consider the lechon asado with rice, plantains, and black beans.

Try the café con leche with your meal, or you can just go with their pineapple soda (Jupiña).

Grand Lux Café

With its expansive menu filled with international dishes, you just can’t go wrong with Grand Lux Café. They offer terrific sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas as well, along with Asian dishes, Mexican fare, and steaks and seafood options. The décor seems upscale, but somehow the overall vibe is quite welcoming. Also, the Grand Lux Cafe prices are very reasonable. You’ll get your money’s worth here (and probably a lot more).

With so many items in the menu, it might take a while before you’ve tried them all. But you should try the iconic Avocado-Chipotle cheeseburger first, as it’s one of their more famous offerings.

Here they offer wood-grilled steaks, along with various seafood options. If you’re up for an adventure, try the Wood Grilled Fresh Market Fish of the Day (no matter what it is), which is served with potatoes and vegetables.

If you’re up for some Vietnamese cuisine, try the Shaking Beef. This is a Vietnamese classic with beef tenderloin, onions, red chiles and seared with soy, garlic and fresh ginger, and served with white rice.

Uncle Lui’s Restaurant

This is owned and run by a family of Hungarian descent, so you should really expect Hungarian cuisine here. They offer family-style dining, with dishes fuse European and German cuisine as well. That means you can get yourself options such as goulash and schnitzel, chowders, roast duck, and homemade apple strudel.

The meal actually starts with a basket of different rolls and large potato latkes, which they serve with sour cream and applesauce. Also, every meal here comes with some red cabbage and cream of spinach. That should serve as a nice introduction to Hungarian fare!

Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant

This is run by the Dim Sum Master Chef Wong, who was born, raised, and trained in Hong Kong. They offer dim sum all day, which means you can get some dim sum for dinner if you want. Their various Chinese dishes are always fresh and of high quality, so you can’t go wrong with any order.

Try the shrimp dumplings and BBQ pork buns, which should get you started nicely. The chive dumplings are also terrific. And if you’re up to it, go with the chicken feet as well!

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