Hewlett-Packard has been the go-to brand for computers for several decades. HP has an enormous range of options that are assured to suit your requirements, from the best laptops to the best peripherals. HP laptop prices are not the sole factor that lets them dominate the market.

Hewlett-Packard has been manufacturing computers for more than five decades. Their expertise and experience in the computer industry are evident in their well-built, fully-tested, long-lasting hardware that comes with an affordable price tag. HP laptop prices are affordable in respect with other brand available in the market. It is not the sole factor that lets them dominate the market, so let’s find out more about the five reasons which made HP laptops the top choice of Indian buyers:

Factor #1: Travel Friendly

If you intend to carry your laptop around (office, school, college, etc.), have an on-the-go lifestyle, or travel a lot, well, the best laptops from HP should be on the top of your priority list. HP laptops are an extremely travel-friendly choice. While travelling, it can be a frustrating experience if your laptop battery runs out of juice in the middle of your work. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with HP notebooks, thanks to the Smart Battery Life feature that extends your computer’s battery life by up to 40%. 

Different variants of lightweight and best laptops from HP are available in the market if convenience and form factor is your priority. HP Laptops for business are powerful, smarter, convertible and lightweight, making them an excellent travel-friendly choice.

Factor #2: Durable and Well-built

HP Laptops are durable, well-built, and perfect for working professionals. They’re crafted to survive anything you throw at these computers, including accidental drops from up to five feet high. This quality makes HP products the best laptops and a great choice if you frequently work or travel or use them in conditions where electronic gadgets can be easily damaged by dust, humidity and other elements.

Factor #3: Excellently designed parts

Besides being robust enough to resist falls, these laptops have skillfully engineered components. An HP computer can easily last six to eight years without presenting any hardware malfunction unless it’s physical damage or human error. HP laptops will perform efficiently long into the future while effectively taking care of your needs with up to 16 hours of battery backup per charge (subject to usage type).

Generous memory combined with powerful processors means faster response times and fluid multitasking, which makes switching between apps much easier than ever before, even when you’re performing intensive tasks. The external and internal durability are Hewlett Packard Laptops’ major advantages.

Factor #4: Sensible price tag

A quick look at the HP laptop prices will confirm that the brand offers good configuration and features at an affordable price range. If you do not intend to shell out a massive amount of money on your new system, then an HP product can be the best laptop and the right one for your needs. They have several lines of products and price segments that will fit into any budget range. You can go for the best laptop from the mid-range segment or increase your budget to get better features.

  • For Home: HP Essentials| Chromebook| Spectre| Envy| Pavilion
  • For Business: HP Essentials| Chromebook| EliteBook| ZBook
  • For Gaming: Pavilion Gaming| OMEN| Victus. 

Factor #5: Data Safety

Security is one of the prime advantages of HP laptops to consider for. Hewlett Packard Laptops are crafted with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology for privacy security. An effective encryption system is used to safeguard data on your best laptop or in the cloud. The level of encryption feature you select decides how much access an unauthorised user can have if they somehow gain physical access to your computer. This top level of security also safeguards your device against non-physical attacks, which are generally performed remotely over a network like Bluetooth and wifi.

Even if your HP laptop gets stolen, they won’t have access to anything private because it will be encrypted! It gives the buyers extra peace of mind.

HP is one of the leading computer brands that has been around for the past several decades. The company started as Hewlett Packard; later, it was changed to HP Inc. in 2002 to convey its diversification from just computer systems and printers into other segments like medical equipment. Buying Hewlett-Packard’s best laptops or other accessories sounds more appropriate when the brand ranks among the post-sales service providers. It’s common to see HP laptops and hardware devices around wildly when you check the HP laptop prices in online or offline stores. 

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