Branding is an inseparable part of business activities and every company certainly needs to do it so that its products are known to the wider community. There are many types of branding that you can apply to your business. Doing good branding will undoubtedly give a good impression and make customers continue to be loyal to using the product.

Branding with the right marketing strategy will make it easier for you to achieve a business goal. A branding strategy can also create a good brand image for your consumers. So it’s no longer surprising if many companies have done it as a tool to market their products. For those who want to know more clearly about what branding is and the elements and types of branding, here we will explain them to you in the article below.

What is branding

What is branding? Branding is a process of giving value to a company, organization, product or service by creating and making a brand so that it sticks in consumers’ minds in direct and indirect marketing. This can be realized through a series of strategies prepared by the company to assist consumers in identifying and having experience with the product brands produced. If the strategy is implemented successfully, it can improve the company’s reputation and sales and marketing concept.

Branding Elements

There are several elements of branding that you should know. The following is an explanation of the elements of branding, namely:

1. Brand Name

The essential element is the brand name. If there is no brand name on the product, then the product will not have an identity that will make it easier for the public to know.

The logo in a brand is certainly different. So to be able to create a brand logo, make the logo as unique as possible and different from other items because a unique logo will undoubtedly be easier to remember by the public.

3. Spokesman

To introduce a brand, a spokesperson is needed. Therefore, the spokesperson should be chosen as best as possible. This spokesperson could be a co-founder, mascot, or a famous person you have worked with to improve product marketing.

4. Visual Appearance

This visual display can be used in any product design, packaging design and more. In addition, to add to the image of a product, you can use a visual display by giving bright or elegant colors to your product.

5. Voice

The next element is sound. This sound element can also be in the form of songs, tones, or certain sounds that make the brand more attractive and easy to remember by the public.

6. Words

So that the product is easy to remember, then one way is to create words. These words can be in the form of jingles, tag lines, slogans, nicknames and others when the more simple and more unique the words are. This will make it easier for people to remember your brand.

Types of Branding

After understanding what the elements of branding are, here are also several types of branding, namely:

Product Branding

The first type of branding is product branding. This type of branding is certainly the most commonly applied in business. Product branding is generally carried out to introduce newly launched products, increase product sales, and encourage consumers to prefer branded products over competing products.

Personal Branding

This second type of branding is a viral marketing strategy among public figures such as musicians, artists, politicians and others so that they have their judgment or views from the general public.

Corporate Branding

This type of branding aims to improve a company’s reputation in the market, covering all aspects of the company, from a product or service offered to employee contributions in the eyes of the community.

Geographical Branding

This type of geographical branding is an effort made by business people to show beauty and excellence and introduce products or services when someone mentions a location name.

This type of branding is usually applied by organizations or companies engaged in tourism. Such as travel agents or tourism bureaus. For those who plan to implement this type of branding, you should start by designing a creative and attractive tagline. Then you can promote it through your company’s website or social media accounts.


The next type of branding is co-branding. This type of co-branding is a type of branding carried out by companies by cooperating with other brands to expand the target consumers they want.


Those are some explanations about the types and elements contained in branding. Branding is one of the ways used to communicate the message of a business product to its consumers. In addition, branding paved the way for the company to be known by more people, both from its logo and marketing campaigns. Seeing the benefits, building a brand is an investment that every company must make.

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