Are you limited on a budget but still want to boost your marketing activities? The following article will show you how to do low-cost marketing effectively.

To increase sales, marketing activities are a natural thing you have to do. However, if there is not enough economic potential, will your marketing strategy be effective? The answer is absolutely world.

Marketries would like to share with you 7 great low-cost marketing ideas. Please refer to the following.

1. Use Social Media

Social Media has a huge power in marketing. When you know how to use it properly, your brand value will be pushed up very quickly. The cost to advertise on this channel is much lower than on television or in newspapers. Even if you create engaging content, you can do social media marketing for free.

For example, when selling online, you should set up a fanpage for customers to evaluate and interact with it. This will help your brand reach more potential audiences.

By means of Social Media, you can do a lot of marketing activities. For example: producing content to encourage purchases, posting product introduction videos, organizing online contests, etc.

2. Joint business cooperation

Finding a partner is a good option when you want to develop your brand but do not have enough economic potential. Working with other businesses will help both of you promote each other effectively. Look for partners that can complement, support, or relate to your niche.

3. Local media

Like it or not, you still have to connect with the local press to promote communication for your business. However, appearing in traditional print publications can cost you a lot of advertising money.

To reduce this cost, focus more on content creation. When you have useful information that is worth sharing, the press will publish it for free.

4. Marketing existing customers

The cost of acquiring a new customer is 5-7 times higher than the cost of retaining an existing customer. This fact has been proven by many commercial studies. Not only that, if the customer retention rate increases by 5%, the profit can increase by 25-95% (according to the Harvard School of Business).

From there, it can be seen that marketing existing customers is an effective way to increase sales. Try to convert those who have purchased into your loyal customers.

To do this, you need to provide them with practical benefits such as coupons, useful news, after-sales support, etc. In addition, you should also encourage customers to refer new shoppers. by giving gifts.

5. Notice board on the road

The next low-cost marketing method that the hosting registrar wants to mention is Advertising with bulletin boards. Specifically, if your company is located on the main road, try placing a bulletin board just outside.

On that sign, you should write things like product names, new product announcements, deals, etc. If the sign attracts, pedestrians will be able to stop and get to know your company.

6. Advertising by means of transport

If the company has its own car, take advantage and stick the logo and company information on it. In addition, you can also advertise on public transport such as buses. The cost for this is not too expensive as advertised on TV. Meanwhile, the results are also very positive.

7. Increase brand awareness with the website

In the era of technology 4.0, if you want to develop, an online presence is inevitable. Any business needs to think about owning a professional website.

Let’s create a website with clear and detailed business information, product/service categories. This will make customers trust and appreciate your company more. Besides, you need to build a beautiful, user-friendly interface.

Note, do not create too many navigation because it will make it difficult for customers to buy.

In addition, you must have a stable web platform. And one of the factors that play a core role, directly affecting the speed and performance of the website is hosting. Please carefully research the provider and choose to buy and register for quality hosting to ensure the web works well.

Promote your website by adding coupons to attract customers, and upload them to the site. Businesses from small to large have been doing it with thousands of discount codes like Ulta Coupon Code $15 Off $50 & Ulta Coupon Code $10 Off, Office Depot Coupon 20% Off & 25% Off Coupon, Macy’s $10 Coupon,…

There are a number of criteria you need to consider and evaluate when signing up for hosting



You need to choose the right capacity for your needs. Marketries’s advice is that you should use at least 2GB hosting to comfortably post content.


Should choose to register for hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Thus, you will no longer worry about the website crashing if suddenly the traffic increases.


You should refer to the same type of service from many providers to compare prices. However, do not take the price as a deciding factor to choose to buy/register for hosting because quality is still the most important. Use available coupons on to save more.


In the field of digital services, after-sales and warranty issues are extremely important. Therefore, choose a reputable supplier with good care and professional technicians. You can check the quality of suppliers through reviews and comments from old customers.


Hopefully, through the above article, you have learned how to effectively and economically market your business. Good luck!

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