The problem of a slab leak is a prevalent issue faced by almost every other home in the USA. It is also called a foundation leak or a concrete leak. These are just tiny pinhole leaks within the copper water lines, mainly in the concrete flooring inside the home’s foundation. However, if these small leaks are not attended to on time, they can become a significant problem with time.

However, various things can help you to detect the slab leak easily. Some of the signs that show slab leaks are: –

  • Cracks in baseboards
  • Damp carpet or flooring
  • The continuous sound of running water
  • The water bill is high
  • A sudden increase in humidity level of the home
  • Wet baseboards or planters

If you find the above signs in your home, you are sure that you have a slab leak. But to confirm, you must call a professional of slab leak repair or a plumber to inspect the home and do the needful. Now the question arises, are there any tips to prevent the problem of a slab leak?

The answer to this question is yes. Keeping a keen eye on the above signs will also help you eliminate this problem. As per  following tips, you can simply solve the issue of a slab leak. So, let’s get started and prevent you from the problem of a slab leak: –

  1. Schedule a plumbing inspection

Well, if you haven’t noticed any of the above signs in your home, that means everything is normal; then scheduling a plumbing inspection will help you repair a minor leak that can become a disaster after some time. In short, professional plumbers have specialized instruments that allow them to detect even minor leaks from the copper pipes under the slab.

With regular inspection, you can easily prevent the issue of a slab leak.

  • Pay attention to the trees around the house.

The trees surrounding your home look wonderful and offer shade, but they can also cause slab leaks if not appropriately maintained. That means the roots of the trees near your home will begin growing towards the source of the water and will break the pipe and also create a significant plumbing disaster.

So, to prevent the slab leak issue, prune the trees near your home timely. Apart from that, if they are too large, which is a significant threat to the plumbing system, consider removing them with the help of a professional.

  • Get to know your piped water.

If the water in your area is too hard or too soft, you will also face the problem of a slab leak. In that case, calling a professional for slab leak repair will be a wise choice. They will check the pH level of the water and then do the needful steps so that the problem of a slab leak will not occur over time.

  • Maintain proper water pressure

If the water pressure in your home is high, it can wreak havoc in the plumbing system and lead to a slab leak. To know the water pressure, you have to take care of signs like banging or rattling noise when the water is turned on. Apart from that, leaking faucets when someone takes a shower.

However, if you notice these above signs, then there are chances that your home’s water pressure is high. So, call your plumber as they will test the home’s water pressure with specialized equipment. If the pressure is high, you need to install a pressure-reducing valve to maintain the home’s water pressure.

In addition, the professional plumber will also recommend you go for a plumbing inspection to check whether the high pressure of water has caused any damage to the pipes under the slab.

  • Routine  Service for Drain System

To solve the problem of slab leak, guarantee to get routine service for your mainline drain system. This step will help you avoid the sorts of pressure build-ups that can easily damage the plumbing system.

  • Start with a solid foundation.

This tip can be on the top, preventing your home from slab leak issues. It is necessary to work with high quality cement or concrete to house your pipes. It will helps to reduce risk or cracking in the base.

  • Low quality craftsmanship

When you call a professional for slab leak repair, they will discover that the plumber’s copper pipes are not sleeved, which is a necessary step. Without the sleeve, the lines will rub up and down against the dirt, and tint rocks, and pebbles in the ground, which can cause the exterior to wear out.

So, in that case, you have to go for copper reroute, copper re-piping overhead, etc. The problem of a slab leak will not occur shortly.

The bottom line

These are the top 7 tips that will help you to prevent the problem of slab leaks in your home. So, whether you are getting any signs of a slab leak, follow the above tips to remain safe and secure. The reason is that a slab leak problem is quite a problematic issue that can also damage the home’s structural integrity.

Additionally, if you detect slab leak, don’t overlook the issues and call the expert slab leak repair straightaway. So, research thoroughly and decide which one to hire for the slab leak repair.