Coronavirus has become a real challenge for the world because its cases are increasing day by day. Therefore, it is our responsibility to upload posts about this infectious disease. These posts should be relevant to the measures that we can take to stay away from these fatal diseases, possible or available treatments of this disease and much more. Now, the problem is that lots of news about the coronavirus are spreading on social media sites. Some of them are true and some of them are wrong. Here, we will discuss the coronavirus impact on social media marketing.

The trend of shopping from the home

Lots of videos of the Wuhan and other affected cities are available on the internet. These videos are showing that the streets of these affected cities have been deserted. Due to this reason, no one wants to get out of the home. That’s why the trend of online shopping has increased in these cities. They shop all the things like food, grocery and other things from the home. Its main reason is that most of the people are reluctant to leave their homes for shopping. That’s why shopping websites are spending more time and efforts on social media marketing and SEO.

Conference cancellations

Lots of technological sectors have to face lots of issues due to coronavirus. Its reason is that lots of conferences were scheduled in March. Due to this fatal disease, they have to cancel these conferences. Some of them have decided to conduct these conferences online via video links. DealMaker London has cancelled his conference that was going to held on March 1, 2020. Google was also going to hold his conference CloudNext on April 6, 2020, and it has also cancelled this conference. In these conferences, some new strategies about social media marketing were also developed. As these conferences are cancelled, therefore, these strategies are also delayed.

Travel predicted to suffer

Travelling is an essential niche but it is also a fact that this niche has also some direct and indirect relations with some other niches like restaurant and hospitality. According to IAC, Expedia has to face 30-40$ millions loss due to the coronavirus. Lots of travelling, restaurants and hospitality companies were also running social media campaigns to attract visitors. As no one like to travel due to the coronavirus, therefore, we can also see a decrease in social media campaigns.

Looming product shortages

It is a fact that less supply means less inventory. Oakland is the main port of China for the supply of goods. According to the news, 20% of the ships have been cancelled and they are not able to supply goods in China. Moreover, some countries have also cancelled their flights and ships with China. As a result, China is not able to supply goods to other countries. It is lasting great loss on the Chinese economy. Therefore, if China wants to save from this loss, it has to get rid of this fatal disease as soon as possible.

Level of containment will change the impact

The World Advertising Research Center has recently published a report about the loss of the advertising companies due to the coronavirus. According to this report, if this situation lasts for a few months, advertising companies have to face lots of issues. This report further suggests that the amount of advertising has reached up to 660$ billion and it is at the peak stage. If the effects of coronavirus continue for a couple of months, it will reach the lowest stage. Its reason is that advertising has a direct link with the GDP of a country. As coronavirus is slowing down the economy of some countries, therefore, their GDP rate will also be decreased. As a result, the advertising companies in these countries have to face some problems.

World Health Organization has also raised lots of issues due to the misinformation that is spreading on the social media sites relevant to the coronavirus. According to WHO, social media users should show politeness and they should not become the cause of spreading misinformation in society. Its reason is that after reading misinformation regarding this fatal disease, people have to face lots of issues. Therefore, it is their responsibility to share information about this fatal disease after identifying from the valid sources. The officials of WHO are sharing regular updates about this fatal disease. If they want to provide valid information to their followers and friends regarding coronavirus, they should try to follow these officials.

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