The fashion industry is one of the largest among other industries. And it has managed to create a great impact on the economy of the world. A fabric that was the cheapest thing in the past is now one of the most expensive things. 

What is fashion marketing?

It is a process where the flow of merchandising from the initial level begins. From designs being produced for the presentation of products to retail customers to maximize the company’s sales and profitability. The thing on which successful fashion marketing depends is understanding consumers’ desires and providing them with appropriate products. Although there are various methods through which, marketers can increase their sales. But a few of them are sales tracking data, attention to media, and many more.     

One thing to keep in mind is, to have a sorted list of fabrics in which there is a clear bifurcation, wholesale fabric should be different from retail ones. Moreover, shops use fashion shows and catalog shoots as an opportunity to show off their collection. 

Are you aware of what is merchandising?

Merchandising too aims to maximize sales and profitability by making the customers buy a particular company’s product. But actually, merchandising also involves selling the same product at the same price and at the right time and place. Moreover, merchandisers must utilize market information about what the customer wants. Also, another way is to attract customers with some pomp and show. For instance, showcasing the best attires in shop windows or some promotional event.   

Fashion shows

Fashion shows are a means by which not only just customers are attracted, media also gets involved. As you remember, earlier in the 19th century only Paris couture houses began the trend of showcasing their design only to clients. Later on, in the 20th century, it took a level up and models started to collaborate. 

It is the Fabric that attracts

But besides this, the fabric is the only thing that attracts the most, also its color, embellishments, prints, and patterns. It is like a base to achieve sales goals, because if your fabric is not appealing then everything else is waste. 

Design something for your business!

Create your attires in any way you want and for that, we have a place for you, come to the stupendous world of Fabriclore. Over here you will get unimaginative fabrics with varied prints, patterns, and colors. Moreover, if regarding any fabric you want to have some kind of knowledge or want to know which is best for which type of clothing.

Anything to everything you need to know, come to us, our expert textile designers will help you out with everything. Create flawless dresses, knitted sweaters, any new collection, and much more. We value your emotions and craze for having fabric and that’s why we give you certified fabrics, that are sustainable and durable. So that you can adore each one of them and create new apparel for your next collection.

In addition, all our fabrics go through quality testing by our certified experts. We are one of the leading fabric stores in India providing more than 10,000 certified fabric options.

Have a look, at what you are missing out on! 

For instance, here you can have new designs, customization, overall knowledge about fabrics, and many other benefits. We are serving the textile industry for the past few years with fabrics that everyone craves and purchases over and over again, as we give high-quality fabrics, that make your attire look more graceful. Moreover, along with India, our fast and safe shipping services are also available in the USA, UK, Middle East, and Canada. So that you too can grow your business with the best fabrics in hand.

Grow your business with thoughtful planning!

Create something unique for your business or personal projects. These astonishing fabrics such as denim, poplin, tweed, organic cotton, georgette, velvet, viscose, satin, silk, organza, taffeta, and many others will leave you in admiration. You can either design your ideas or can have assistance from our highly skilled in-house designers, who even make new designs according to the trend. Moreover, they will also help you with designing and customization.

Lifestyle is changing and so is demand in the public, and to stand in the crowd you have to create something extraordinary and that is only possible with customization. So while you are building your brand you should start getting customization on your attires or any projects. Furthermore, make your outfits look distinctive from others with high-quality fabrics. In addition, from here you can purchase wholesale fabric at a very reasonable rate and in any quantity you want and also at retail in any quantity you desire to have.

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