You can create any page of your virtual summit platform with the best experts. But you will need to prepare for it yourself. Moreover, it is necessary to know the requirements and aspects that can make it better.

Hence, here are all the steps and needs that can be helpful in designing the best virtual event registration page, thank you, and sales page.

3 Steps to Create Your Virtual Summit Registration Page!

The registration page is the first step attendees take to join your virtual summit. You have to make sure that users will not get confused and register without hassle. They must get attractive images, gifs, and videos in order to engage with your promotion and get a feeling to attend your virtual events and attain all the possible information.

Headline + “Above the Fold” Elements

You have to follow a proper pattern and create an accurate registration page layout. Moreover, you need a complete list of requirements and things on your registration page. With the best virtual summit platform, you can get the top features and the freedom to add elements as per your need.

So, you have to create some infographics, such as images, gifs, or videos that you want to display on a registration page. A countdown and infographics on the registration page will be beneficial to compel the users to register as the time is ticking, and registration will be over once the time is over.

Main page content

After this comes to the main page, you have to create a proper form that attendees will fill out. You have to add all the pointers around which you need information.

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Email Id
  • Phone Number
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Primary Category
  • Secondary Category
  • Classification
  • Interests
  • Profile Picture

These are the most basic but essential data you must get from the attendees. You will be able to contact and reach them back if you take such information from the attendees.

Speaker info

As soon as users fill out the form and get the registration done, you must provide them with complete information about the experts of your virtual conference platform. As per the virtual conference service providers, you must provide them with a full schedule of virtual events. It will help them know what session they want to attend or skip. Also, they can bookmark and set a reminder for such sessions.

3 Steps to Create a Thank You + Sales Page for Virtual Summit!

Thank you, or the sale page is the area where attendees should land once the registration is completed. You can boost your sales and increase your revenue with such promotions. Moreover, deliver them a complete list of the products on a discount. Show all such items with the countdown displaying when the deal will be over.

Include a Proper Note On the Page with Your Offerings

You have to write a thank-you note at the top of the page first. It may sound a little direct if you just take the people to your website without even thanking them or conveying a proper message. Moreover, Adding a good thank you note will be beneficial in accomplishing the attendee’s attention. Additionally, use this thank you note to create a bridge to your products and services sales. It must take the attendees sharing the bumper offers they may miss if they do not place an order now.

Include Bonuses and Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies, and something extra makes them overwhelmed. So, you should take advantage of this. You can boost your registrations and sales by offering something additional with your virtual events. As per the virtual fest platform experts, you can attain great success with some giveaways such as:

  • Additional Interviews
  • Sessions by Industry Expert
  • Exclusive Things for All-Access Pass holders
  • Templates
  • swipe file
  • Additional Resources
  • Live group training as a Bonus
  • A physical book or journal

Include Real Urgency

You will need to create a real urgency for the attendees. A countdown will work perfectly for such a time. Moreover, you can develop countdowns that can display the time left for sale to over. As per the virtual expo platform experts, it will definitely make the people make the order as no one wants to miss the opportunity.

  • You can use a reverse countdown in order to show the hours, minutes, and seconds left for the offer to end.
  • Next, you can show the timer that will display the validity of once all access cards. It will make them buy what they want on time before losing the chance.
  • Also, you can display the timer with the offer available for first-time visitors and users as everyone provides some discounts on the first order.

So, these are the various steps that can be helpful in creating a perfect registration page, thank you, and sales page. You can take the users to any page and increase the sale efficiently.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to creating a better registration page, thank you, and a sale page.

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