Look, I’m not going to extenuate it for you. Guest posting is also a hard spot to break into. The days when every second website you alight on had a menu tab tag ‘Write For Us’ are long away.

If you have discovered anyone else’s blog to write on, then you are the ‘guest author’.

Established bloggers get swamped by guest posting pitches, and that’s why, at times, guest posting can seem like an entire club that has stopped taking fresh members. But there’s a confidential backdoor into guest posting!

And that’s what I’m going to disclose to you in this article. It’s a highly attractive way that I find quite a by accident myself. It alights me my first, second, third, and fourth guest posting chance.

But before we get into the features, I’d like to emphasize how significant it is for you to understand the significance of traffic building.

There are only two types of traffic-building approaches:

  • Those that work when you have a crowd.
  • Those that work when you don’t have a crowd

If you’re a beginner blogger, you’re likely only interested in approaches that belong in the second category, at least at this phase.

The two that work well are interviews and guest posting, and the plan I’m about to tell you combines both.

Planning your guest Blogs:

The next phase in your guest blogging cruise comes after you’ve done three or four round-up posts and you’re prepared to move to the next phase of this plan – guest posting itself.

You should now have a list of 40+ specialists who have contributed to your round-up blogs and know who you are. You may smooth have built a close affinity with some of them. Those same specialists no doubt have posted and most of them will obtain guest blogs.

It’s significant to remember that – as a beginning blogger – the main cause you are guest posting is to obtain a suitable backlink that will boost your own Domain Authority (DA).

When you are about to share a blog with a plan to grab visitor attention and make them your customers then must write a blog according to it. Use it to write in detail about your business or product that you want to sell. As much you go in depth about your business people will come to know more and show their keen interest in it. Second thing is that makes it descriptive and to the point, so people will not lose their interest in reading as long they keep reading your blog. Put your website link to redirect them to your page.

Choosing your guest post topic:

The most ordinary mistake people make when guest posting is selecting the wrong topic for their first guest blogs.

Some people trust a good topic is the one they feel the most intense about. They’re wrong – when you’re guest blogging, it’s not concerning you, it’s about the post holder.

Remove your own program from the equation and you’ll likely end up with a much more focused post.

Another usual mistake is when people head over to a content search tool. These approaches will give you an idea of the topics that are going to be famous on your game blog but they’re time-consuming and there’s an easy way to do it.

Go to the game post and have a look at the right reaction. Often there’ll be a heading that says ‘Our Top 15 blogs’ or ‘Favorite blogs’ or simply ‘Best Of’. Visit each of the top 10 blogs and inspect them in terms of the following:

  • What’s the subject?
  • What’s the technique of the headline?
  • What’s the technique of the introduction?
  • What’s the word add up?