By living in Ireland it is believed by some that you are living the life of a king, queen, or being quite close to royalty. The undeniable beauty of this country ensures that everyone wants to be at least just visiting. A country covered with lakes filled with salmon and trout, blessed with breathtaking cliffs that look over into the sea will have people dropping everything just to see it.

There are many reasons for this excitement but being able to live here full-time has more perks than one could ever imagine. It is not hard to believe how magical Ireland truly is especially after reading all of its myths and legends.

Depending on where you’re from

Making this huge step won’t be easy but depending on where you’re from it might actually be easier than you think. If you’re from the US, Australia or Canada (sorry rest of the world) it should be fairly simple to make this move as there are specific programs in place for people wanting to do so.

But let’s assume you aren’t moving from another first world country and have been living in a little hut on some island north of Madagascar for most of your life. If that is the case we have good news for you! A lot of immigration experts say that taking the permanent residency path makes more sense than applying for citizenship since it takes less time and money.

Live and work in Ireland

It would allow you to live and work in Ireland for an indefinite amount of time, but you would still have to renew your visa every 5 years. It’s not as fun as having a passport, but once you get one you’re stuck with it and it will save you a lot of time and money. Just be aware that becoming Irish doesn’t come around that often so seize the opportunity when it comes knocking at your door.

Cost of living in Ireland

You did your research, you checked out the cost of living and you know you can make it in Ireland even though the job market is very competitive (especially for foreigners). So what’s stopping you? You’re not planning to go through the naturalization process. If that’s not something that interests you then come on down! We’ll get to all the fun stuff like how to buy a house or maybe even apply for residency. It really depends on why you want to live in Ireland..

People of Ireland

The people of Ireland have a great pride for their country. This is not something that can easily be taken away from them especially by foreigners who are just beginning to explore the country’s beauty. The Irish have their own sort of music that they enjoy listening to while enjoying the day or simply spending it with family and friends in front of a fireplace or around a large table filled with food. It would make most sense to learn about how they live before moving there, but this does not mean you cannot jump right in though it will probably take some time to fit in.

The first thing to do is find a job

The easiest way to do that is to just walk around the streets with your resume in hand until someone approaches you and offers you a job, but those days are long gone. In today’s fast-paced system, most employers have their resumes snapped up by robots before they even get a chance at a face-to-face interview. That’s why all major corporations now make use of what is known as “job boards.”

Job boards are forums where potential employees can create an account and post advertisements for jobs that they’re looking into getting. Every morning, all companies subscribe to this service and sift through the newest postings, hoping to find someone who suits their needs perfectly. The great thing about job boards is that they’re absolutely free, and there’s no limit to the number of advertisements you can put up. The bad thing is that only companies subscribe to them.

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A little help from your local library

This means that you, as an individual looking for a job, will not be able to see any of the posts on these boards unless you have an account. This can be done very easily with a little help from your local library, however, simply borrow one of their computers and log in to your own personal account on one of these sites. You’ll find dozens and dozens of opportunities in almost every field you could think of: Salesmen, advertisers, teachers’ assistants. Use this opportunity wisely! Once you’ve found someone who needs help doing something they can’t do themselves, it’s just a matter of getting paid.

Willing to pay you for your labor

Once you’ve found someone willing to pay you for your labor, simply use the same job board to post updates about your progress. This is mandatory by law, not doing so will result in fines being issued until the issue is resolved. Once both parties have gone through these steps, there are no more legal entanglements between them and their relationship can be described as nothing less than an honest to goodness business transaction (albeit one involving only two people rather than two companies).

Moving to Ireland can be an exciting and enriching experience for those seeking a new adventure in a culturally rich and friendly country. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and strong economy, Ireland is a popular destination for ex-pats worldwide. Before making a move, however, it is important to research the practicalities of relocating to a new country, including obtaining the necessary visas and work permits, finding suitable housing, and navigating the healthcare and education systems.

Language barriers are minimal, as English is the primary language spoken in Ireland. Embracing the local culture and traditions, such as enjoying traditional Irish music and dance, is a great way to immerse oneself in the local community fully. Ireland is also known for its warm and welcoming hospitality, making it easy to make new friends and connections. Overall, moving to Ireland can be a life-changing experience for those seeking new opportunities and a chance to experience a unique and beautiful country.