How do I obtain a Turkish passport in 2023? Are the same laws allowing for obtaining Turkish citizenship still in effect to this day? What are the types of  شقق للبيع فى اسطنبول .2023? What are the procedures for obtaining a Turkish passport? We will demystify all these questions and more and introduce you to them in detail.

The Turkish passport has several features that impressed the world with its record launch over the past ten years, after it was at the bottom of the ranking in terms of strength and the number of international countries’ entry through it, and the great prosperity of this passport was expelled with the tremendous power of all Turkish local and international sectors and even political ones. also.

What is the ranking and strength of the Turkish passport 2023?

The الجنسية التركية has shown unprecedented durability by being among the best international passports, and the greatest evidence of this is the desire of many citizens of other countries of the world to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy the Turkish passport through the methods approved by the Turkish government, which we will list in later paragraphs. .

The strength of the Turkish passport 2023 is represented by the fact that the holder has the opportunity to enter 124 countries without a prior visa, 70 of which are without the need for a travel visa at all. 49 countries can be entered via a visa issued upon arrival, or as it is called ” Visa on arrival”

As for the ranking of the Turkish passport 2023 based on global sources, the most important of which is the World Passports Index, the Turkish passport has ranked thirty-eighth in the world at the time of writing this article, after being two places behind what it was in 2022, and this means that the passport is making progress. Continuously and was not affected by any regional circumstances or problems.

Firstly, obtaining the Turkish passport through real estate investment

Obtaining a Turkish passport through real estate investment is a unique way to attract the attention of most citizens of Arab countries and the world as well, which is by purchasing a property or several properties worth $400,000, up from $250,000 previously, but several main conditions must be met, which are:

The value of the property or properties must be no less than US$400,000

Reserve the property or properties for a period of three years and pledge not to sell under any circumstances.

This value must be exchanged from hard currency into the Turkish lira through the Central Bank of Turkey.

All funds must be via bank transfer verified by official receipts from banks.

Only a wife with children under 18 years of age is granted Turkish citizenship with the property owner as well.

Obtaining a Turkish passport through real estate investment takes a period ranging from 90 days to 120 days, depending on the pressure on the General Civil Status Directorate.