Running a business these days is not a cakewalk. As an owner of the business, you have to work on various things, which include business strategy, organizing your employees, communicating with clients, and juggling various other things while simultaneously responding to lots of emails. 

So, here are the Top 5 Tools to Help You Perform Your Business Tasks Digitally: 

Top 5 Tools To Help You Perform Your Business Tasks Digitally  


In business, there are lots of times when you require making repetitive business documents; maybe it is for contracts & agreements, HR documents, purchase & sales orders etc. 

And this is where Crove came into the picture. Crove is a best document automation tool with which you can create and manage responsive online documents. It is a simple to use tool to increase engagement, capture customer information and turn it into business documents. 

What does Crove offer? 

Effortless Collaboration  

Crove provides an effortless way to collaborate with your partners, customers and employees. You can easily create a template in Crove using logical conditions, variables and excel formulas. 


Now you can easily collect electronic signatures anywhere and simplify your document workflows with Crove that lets you esign documents on any of the devices, no matter whether it is a smartphone, desktop or laptop. 

Software Integrations  

Crove can be easily integrated with any of the popular applications available in the market, which includes WebHooks, API, Pabbly, Zapier, and Connect. You can easily pull out the data from your applications and insert it into your documents, collect files, collect e-signatures and send the generated document to your preferred destination like Customer Relationship Management, Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Email and much more. 


Crove offers a FREE plan with which you can generate three documents for one team member, but if you have to work in a collaborative way, then you need to buy a plan. Crove consists of four plans – Personal, Professional and Enterprise. The personal plan starts at $9/month per user. Users will also get a flat discount of 50% at the time of purchasing an annual plan. 


Any small enterprise owner will tell you by staying organized, and on top of that, you have to win each and every day. And it is not possible to do that by just using a simple calendar or a to-do list or by organizing everything in your head. 

As an owner of the business, you require to have something more of a project management tool to stay organized, especially at the time when the employees are working in a remote team, and Trello is the tool that is really helpful and an ideal choice for the small businesses. 

Trello is a tool that consists of lists, cards and boards that provides several ways to organize as per the business requirement. So, here is the list of things that you can do with the Trello: 

  • Collaboration among teams 
  • Goal setting 
  • Planning your week and organizing to-do lists 
  • Managing your repetitive tasks 
  • Keeping an eye on tasks with an overview of the resources and projects 
  • Sharing files with the team by linking Google documents to a card 

You don’t need to have a separate CRM or a contact management tool as a small business, as Trello cards are enough to stay on top of your business relationships and collaboration. 


Trello has a free plan which has everything you will ever need for your team collaboration, with the unlimited storage, cards and members, but if you need unlimited boards and some other features as well, then you may want to go for the business plan which is available at $10/month for a user. 


Asana is a popular productivity tool. This online collaboration tool not only helps in the specialization of workflow management but also handles task management with ease. As of now, Asana does not include the Gantt Charts, tracking of time and some other advanced features for project management, specifically in the project management software, but it is an ideal tool for managing the tasks. 

The tool has a well-organized layout with an intuitive design and color without looking too cluttered. It also has some awesome features, such as celebratory unicorns that usually used to appear on screen from time to time. 

Asana helps you to create a task, schedule a due date, allocate it to a particular team member, add comments, upload the required documents, add tags to make tasks more searchable, add a level of priority and even has an option to subscribe or unsubscribe yourself and others to receive notifications whenever any changes occur on the task. 

Premium version of the Asana allows users to add the dependencies on the tasks. Asana’s interactive elements, intuitive design and member allotment in the free plan make it a powerful project management software for businesses. 


Asana is free for 15 members with the basic functionality, $9.99/per user per month for the premium version. 

Asana can be integrated with G Suite, OKTA, Timely, Zapier, Slack, Dropbox etc. 

Airtable – Low code platform for marketers 

Airtable was purchased by, as this tool has the power of scalable databases and is executed in a better way. 

The application User Experience is clean and straightforward, which consists of workspaces that nest further in spreadsheets. This makes it highly ideal for collaborating with clients, as you can easily create separate workspaces for each of them or the departments that have a specific workflow. 

As for the spreadsheets and databases, they each support a various number of actions and even come with the help of rich-text boxes that allow you to add links, dropdowns, and even checklists to some other databases. 

With the high level of automation, and customizations are given. But what makes Airtable a special tool is the app marketplace, more specifically the scripting, page designer, and pivot tables as well which looks like it was created for the marketer’s mind or at least people who used to manage multiple creative assets and stakeholders at the same point of time. 


The pricing for the Airtable is mostly based on the number of rows being used, time frame and automation for the revisioning history. But the premium version starts at $10/user per month. 

Some of the key features of the Airtable are: 

  • App marketplace 
  • Script builder 
  • Rich text boxes 
  • Calendar, grid, gallery, Gantt and Kanban as an option 
  • Page designer 
  • Personal and locked views 

Zoho Projects 

Zoho Projects is a tool offered by Zoho that helps businesses to keep track of tasks, bug tracking, collaborate and run any of the intuitive reports. The online project management tool provides features like Gantt Charts and the ability to create billable hours on various projects at the same point in time. Zoho Projects also boasts a very impressive suite of communication tools which includes the forum pages and a real-time chat option as well. 

Lots of users say that the Gantt charts are cumbersome to use, and reporting breakdown may not be sufficient for the large collaborative teams. You can share documents from within the tool as well. 


Zoho comes with various options when it comes to a subscription plan: 

  • There is a free plan with limited users and basic features as well. 
  • The standard plan costs around $3/user and has features like issue tracking, custom statues and even supports around ten users. 
  • The premium plan starts from $5/user and supports around 100 users. And it includes features like resource utilization, budgeting, task automation, and business rules. 
  • The enterprise plan starts at $6/user and can have an infinite number of users. And it supports features like inter-project dependencies, global Gantt charts and custom roles options. 
  • The Express plan starts at $4/user and supports around 50 users. You will get features like the timesheet approvals, Gantt charts and recurring tasks too. 

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