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Today, if a business is focusing on video marketing, it is believed that it is going in the right direction. Not only are videos great for creating brand awareness, but they indirectly communicate with potential customers about what a brand offers. It is challenging for marketing professionals to understand the most effective video formats for marketing. However, few video types always work if done right; an explainer video is one example.

Explainer videos are one of the most impactful ways a business can use videos for marketing. They can turn potential customers into buyers and increase conversion if it has the right content and visuals.

To understand how businesses leverage the power of explainer videos, here are the top benefits of using explainer videos for your business. 

Reasons to use explainer videos for marketing your brand

  1. It always catches the audience’s attention

Today, getting the audience’s attention is challenging since thousands of brand videos are posted every minute. As per reports, it takes 8 to 10 seconds to grab human attention. Explainer videos  are compelling if the initial seconds are utilized engagingly. They will catch the eye of the viewers at once, and viewers finish the video on the first watch.

  1. Explainers make it easy to explain your business

It gets hard to explain each product when technical terms are included, or you offer hundreds of products. Explainer videos involve a detailed explanation of a brand’s product or services. You can pitch your customers within a 2-3 minute video rather than posting images for each product.

Explainer videos can be combined with characters who talk about the problems that your product or service might solve. It entertains the audience and subtly conveys what your brand does.

  1. Faster in delivering what a brand wants to convey

Since the audience has the shortest attention span with a plethora of similar content posted. The goal should be to convince them as fast as you can. And that too without any effort.

An explainer video is created with the context of explaining the details that customers easily understand. It involves storytelling, stunning visuals, and dynamic content that helps the viewer focus on what a brand wants to recommend. All these can be achieved within a 2 minutes explainer video!

  1. Great for sales funnel

Every brand has its sales funnel with customer segments. The different stages of a sales funnel include awareness, consideration, decision, and delight.

The best thing about explainer videos is that they could join your sales strategy at every stage, depending on the role and context. 


  1. An explainer video can create brand awareness with the brand details, products, and services.
  2. In the consideration stage, explainer videos could be used as the pitching tool to highlight the product benefits and USP.
  3. In the decision or delight stage, a brand can use call-to-action within a video where customers can click on the link and explore your website.

5. Works best for Google ranking 

According to reports, websites with videos have higher chances of ranking on google. When google analyzes the relevance of a website, it automatically prefers websites that include video transcripts or video links. 

Explainer videos are Google’s favorite as they are properly optimized with the right keywords. So, if you are aiming for a higher ranking on Google search results, explainer videos are the best way to get there!

6. Stats recommend explainer videos more than any other format
Twitter was the first company to start marketing with video explainers, which worked immensely! Since then, there has been no going back for brands who did the explainer video game right. 

More than 81% of the brands now utilize explainer videos for better ROIs, and 75% of the marketers agree that they have achieved great results with explainer video marketing. You can read thousands of stats about the effectiveness of explainer videos. So, it is hard to create a marketing strategy without explainer videos in 2022.

7. Develops credibility among users

Explainer videos are great if you want to build credibility with your audience. While explainer videos are great for explaining products and services, they can also easily demonstrate your knowledge of your industry. When you connect with the viewers with the right set of skills, it puts the right impression and makes them like your brand more.

8. Sharable across social media

Structure-wise, explainer videos are quite engaging for the audience, looking for similar information or products online. If an explainer video is concise and passes on the correct information, it is easy for users to share it across social media or within their network.

Unlike other videos, explainer videos are likely to be shared more due to their relevancy and engaging information.

9. Great to increase brand awareness

The most common way brands win customers is by showcasing their values and culture. Explainer videos allow brands to make the most of creative visualization that looks interactive and engaging. An animated explainer video showing a brand’s personality can do wonders when creating brand awareness across social media.

10. Easy to explain complex concepts 

Let’s say you are a SaaS business that recently launched a unique digital product for medical professionals. To make them understand the complex features of a digital product, you can utilize explainer videos with the proper storyline. The SaaS explainer video should have problem-solving narration related to your product, with details explained entertainingly.

Explainer videos are commonly produced to explain complex products or services to the target audience with a call-to-action at the end so that customers can explore the business thoroughly. 

11. Converts visitors into customers

8 out of 10 customers think demo videos are helpful and assist best in understanding product or service features.

When a website’s homepage includes explainer videos, visitors spend more time exploring the products they are searching for. With a professionally created explainer video, you can deliver the information more quickly and help the visitor make an informed decision. This leads to an increased conversion rate and growth.

12. Versatile in nature

The best thing about explainer videos is their versatility while planning video marketing steps. Whether you create how-to explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos to a 3D animated explainer video, there are hundreds of ways explainer videos can be produced. 

Brands can experiment with various explainer video formats to grab the attention of their target audience and measure what works best for their business.

Final Words

Explainer videos have the power to engage all segments of the audience. They could be an excellent marketing asset if produced and distributed correctly. Start with showcasing your company culture and product demos to reach more people across various platforms.

Make sure you have the right professionals to create videos that stand out in the crowd of thousands of videos.

Author bio:- Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.