“The key to online business is offering a seamless user experience to visitors visiting your website

The critical aspect of a brand and product’s success in this digital market comes down to User Experience or as it is most commonly known UX. Every organization is looking for new scope and opportunities to amplify its brand’s online presence. Everyone is focused on improving the overall experience of the product. Thereby, improving the customer experience by delivering quality services.

There are multiple strategies that an organization can intake to enhance the user experience and make it seamless. The below mentioned are the 7 important factors that according to Peter Morville influence user experience.


Usefulness and Utility

The first purpose is to make the product useful to the people in the market. Every organization launches a product that has the potential to meet its target audience’s needs. Purpose sparks competitiveness that will help you to compete in the market where there are innumerable useful products with purpose.

The usefulness of any product depends on every user. Products are deemed in the eyes of the beholder even if it does not have any practical benefits and is fun, soothes your visual, or are aesthetically appealing. Clear utility of the product intensifies quicker results and effective sales.



By enabling the user to use products effectively, businesses can easily achieve their objectives.

But poor usability of any product results in losing its value in the market. They are usually the first generation of any product. You need to rectify them and entail the changes in the second-generation product to an advanced level.



Discovering any product in the digital space with the information about it is referred to herein as findability. Findability is a mandatory feature to promote and publish the products and services. You need to entail this carefully to make the content of each product should be an easier task to find them.

If you are unable to find any particular product, you will not be able to buy that product. This concept implies to the potential users of that product too. Findability is a very integral part of the User Experience (UX) of many brands and products.



In the current digitalized era, users are very aware and informed about the market. This competitive market provides ample opportunities for users to choose a credible product provider. The ability of the user to entrust your brand, product, and the services you are offering is related to credibility.

Establishing trust between your brand and the user will last for a longer period. You can do so by making all the information accurate and fit for purpose. You cannot deliver a seamless user experience if your potential users think you are deceiving them. You may lose your credibility, business, and value in the digital marketplace.



Providing your products and services with a high degree of desirability can help improve the user experience. You need to convey in different segments of designs like through branding, imaging, identity, and aesthetics and make the design emotional. You need to make your users want more and spark that curiosity in them by creating a desire to engage with the usage and cost too.

The more you can make your product desirable, the more likely are the chances of landing a customer. The desirability of your product will amplify customer engagement and make them come back. This will increase your brand value and increase the user experience effortlessly by enhancing your business.



You must focus on the accessibility of your products and services. Always inculcate user experience that can be accessed by all, even by people with disabilities. Their disability should not be a hindrance to engaging with your products and services online. Ensure that your websites are ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design). Then you need to hire any UX design services in India that can design for accessibility and make this small segment of the population access to your brand and business.

Most organizations omit this part as it increases their financial constraint while developing the website. It is very important to remember that you are designing for your audience and you must make your brand and products accessible, irrespective of their disabilities.



Finally, you need to check whether your product is delivering value in the marketplace. This will further add value to your brand and business. The evaluability of the product determines the initial success of your product. The product must be sure to deliver value to the business and brand which entails users buying and using the product.

The UX designers of UX design agencies in India should always remember that the value of any product influences the purchasing decision of any potential customer. You can add the scope of further improvements through feedback and reviews on your eCommerce website. This will further boost your organization’s reputation.



To make your website successful, you must ensure that the utility and usability of your brand, products, and services are discoverable and accessible to all. The above mentioned are the core factors of understanding user experience (UX) and enhancing it all together.

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