Are you thinking of selling a house in Florida? You have seen real estate companies mentioning “We Buy Houses in Florida for Cash”. These companies purchase houses from homeowners by directly paying cash. 

If you need to urgently sell off your house, companies that buy houses for cash Florida is going to be immensely helpful. These companies can even manage to sell houses in poor conditions in as little as seven days. They will do everything for you till the closing, which includes all the paperwork.

Although companies that buy houses for cash in Florida are indeed a great way to sell a house, there is a flip side. You don’t have much scope for negotiation while selling. As a result, you will have to sell it off at a lesser-than-open market rate. But if you are unable to sell your home traditionally, you should approach one of those companies which makes selling a house in Florida much easier.

Top companies that buy houses for cash in Florida:


For sellers looking for affordable full-service businesses with the greatest exposure to cash buyers and the least amount of involvement with real estate agents, is the most well-known and competitive platform. As a seller, you get maximum exposure to cash home buyers. Such buyers keep their eyes on the open market and Houzeo will bring you the best of potential buyers. 

Houzeo has earned the top spot in the list of companies that buy houses for cash in Florida primarily because of the number of 5-star reviews it has consistently received. 

Also, the potential offer price that you can get for your home is 100% of market value and the service fee does not depend on the sale price. Therefore, you only pay a $349 Flat Fee. There are zero hidden fees and the customer support is quick and helpful.

The company is 100% online and the very efficient app and the website provide the easiest way of selling a house in Florida. 

Stand out Features:

  • Fast Listing  – 1 business day.
  • Intuitive seller dashboard – Review and compare offers, make counter offers, and so on.
  • Listing is syndicated on other sites – Your MLS listing gets syndicated to great real estate websites, Redfin, Trulia, and Zillo among others. Thus, you receive the best cash deals.
  • Houzeo Mobile App – Available for download on Google Play and App Store.
  • 100% online.

You can learn more about them on Houzeo Reviews!

House Heroes

This is one of the top trusted family-owned companies that buy houses for cash in Florida. You can choose a closing date and more importantly, you will receive a cash offer within a day. The company has received excellent feedback where customers have talked about their wonderful experiences. This is why House Heroes has secured one of the top 3 spots on this list. 

On Google reviews, house sellers have expressed their satisfaction at how House Heroes have made the process of selling a home seamless and fast. They have also mentioned the entire team being thoroughly professional and surprisingly honest. 

Even when you agree that your house is in poor condition, House Heroes will make you an offer that is fair. They are known for buying houses as/is and offering a quick closing time.

Stand out Features:

  • No Service Fee
  • Potential offer price – 70 to 90% of market value
  • Closing Time  – 7 days
  • Flexible Closing

South Florida Cash Home Buyers

This company is based in Miami Beach and is a local and veteran real estate cash buyer for you if you live in Miami-Dade County. You can close the sale on your schedule. If you are in a hurry, you can expect the sale time to be as little as a week. If you want to sell a house in South Florida, you can either call them or fill out a form online. Arranging a physical appointment for a home walkthrough is a must for receiving your offer. The listing will be done within 24 business hours.

Stand out Features:

  • No service fee
  • Offer within 24 hours
  • Closing within 7 days


When selling a house in Florida, Opendoor is the best alternative to the ‘We Buy Houses for Cash’ companies. It is the biggest iBuyer (or instant Buyer). But you need to check if your house qualifies. Opendoor might not be ready to buy your property if it needs a lot of repairs. Also, it purchases properties in select locations only.

It has significantly strict purchase criteria. A newly constructed house or one which needs little repairs should not face problems in qualifying. Furthermore, if you qualify, they will pay you 90% of the market value, which is the biggest you will get after Houzeo.

Stand out Features:

  • America’s first iBuyer – introduced instant-buying model
  • Potential offer price – 90% of market value
  • Fast and Flexible closing date

Express Homebuyers

This company has made it to our top 5 companies that buy houses for cash in Florida because it makes selling a house a very convenient and speedy affair. You can sell your house wherever it is located in Florida. They are in partnership with local investors. 

First, they will visit your property and then make you an all-cash offer. Sellers who have worked with Express Homebuyers were happy with their straightforward transactions. The biggest advantage of approaching them is that they will buy your property even if it is severely damaged.

Stand out Features:

  • No service fees
  • Offer time – Can be as low as 7 minutes
  • Best for selling distressed houses 

Final Words

Before you sell your house to one of the companies that buy houses for cash in Florida, consult a local realtor. They can do a professional home valuation for you if you want to know a fair price for the home you want to sell. You can also use a Seller Closing Cost Calculator to find a fair price. Furthermore, you can tell your agent your selling timeline too. Then they will be able to advise you if you should use a sale by owner & Flat fee MLS platform. 

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