In Illinois, selling your house without a realtor is feasible, which might help you save a lot of money on agent commissions. In Illinois, you have two options for selling a home: either as an FSBO (for sale by owner) or by using a flat-fee MLS company to advertise it on the MLS.

In Illinois, how can I sell my house on my own?

When you want to know “How to Sell a House By Owner in Illinois?”, follow these steps for a quick sale:

Select the Ideal Season to Sell Your Home

Illinois’s housing market is active from late spring through summer. The best months to sell a home in Illinois are May and June.

Price Your House Competitively

The pricing strategy used in an FSBO sale can make or break it. You lose money if you undervalue your home when you list it. If you overprice it, the listing will get stale, and you’ll have to lower the price, which can scare off potential purchasers.

Prep Your Home for Sale

Making your house appear its finest help when selling Illinois real estate on your own. Don’t allow furniture to take up too much space; complement each room so it tells a story and makes a welcoming first impression.

Create an Appealing Property Description

It’s time to create a listing description that appeals to nearby buyers once you’ve settled on pricing. By understanding their priorities, you may choose which home characteristics to highlight in your listing.

Fill out Seller Disclosure

A normal real estate transaction requires a lot of documentation, so make sure you fill it out completely.

  • Flood Zone Statement
  • Illinois Property Disclosure Statement
  • Lead-Based Paint Hazard
  • Illinois Radon Disclosure

Market Your Home For Sale by Owner

Before implementing any other marketing plans, homeowners should prioritize increasing their home’s online visibility.

  • Purchase a yard sign
  • Share Your Listing on Social Media
  • Hire a Professional Photographer
  • Print Sales Flyers/Brochures

Manage Showings

When displaying your home to potential buyers, the organization is essential. A solid scheduling system and a spreadsheet to store the contact information for buyers and brokers are required. It would be best if you were accommodating and tried to show your home when it is most convenient for the purchasers.

Review, Compare and Negotiate Offers

The sale price is only one aspect of discussions. You and the buyer will also need to agree on the timing, the division of closing expenses, and contract contingencies, among other things.

Handle Closing

Closing is the last phase of a real estate transaction. Both parties share closing fees, and the seller formally transfers property ownership to the buyer.

Select a title firm for a smooth closing. Title companies collect and distribute closing expenses, get signatures, verify that sellers have the required documentation, and file papers with the relevant authorities.

Best Options to sell your home quickly


Houzeo was established in 2017 and provided Flat Fee MLS listing services in the US. They also offer cutting-edge solutions that let a modern home seller market their property swiftly and sell it without any problems. Depending on the region and cost of the package, each package also includes special features like social media visibility and help with documentation. The process of filling out countless documents used to take hours and days for house sellers. Due to Houzeo’s automated technologies, the process required less time, effort, and money.

  • Houzeo Hidden Fees: No Houzeo Hidden Fees are a major concern for most home sellers. To be precise, Houzeo does not charge any hidden fee and provide mls listing service for just a small flat fee. Additional costs won’t catch you off guard during the procedure.
  • Commission: You may pay local agents a commission
  • Home Showings: You may conveniently schedule home showings and receive comments on the move with the help of the in-house Showing Time app.
  • Mobile Application: You can instantly receive, examine, and compare the offers on the road with Houzeo’s mobile application! From your seller dashboard, you can carry out the same action.
  • MLS Exposure: Houzeo exposes you to both the MLS and non-MLS levels.
  • Quick Listings: Home sellers trust Houzeo because of how soon they can list your property. Using Houzeo Concierge, assuming all your paperwork is in order, you’ll be listed in 8 business hours!
  • Fees: The Houzeo package prices are reasonable.

There are no negative Houzeo Reviews.


iBuyer companies, which operate online, conduct market research to submit offers on properties quickly. They function differently from the other groups in that they will offer you less for your house than it is worth on the open market before taking between 6 and 7% of the home’s value as their fee. They are paid this sum for their time and effort in marketing, selling, and overseeing the home’s purchase.

Most iBuyers opt to contact or complete an online form to obtain the most basic details about the property. You frequently get a take-it-or-leave-it preliminary cash offer after a first evaluation. If the initial cash offer is accepted, an on-site inspection is planned. The purchasing business modifies the price of repairs and other costs before making a final payment offer. Regarding the closing date, iBuyers offer more flexibility. iBuyer fees typically vary from 5 to 13%. You’ll typically be responsible for paying closing expenses (1-3%) and repairs (1-2%). Working with a low-commission real estate company is recommended if you want to sell your house quickly and for top dollar to maximize your profit.

iBuyer Reviews offer a fair and impartial picture of the leading businesses in the sector. Opendoor, followed by Offerpad and RedfinNow, stands out as the best iBuyer company due to its extensive geographical network and reasonably inexpensive service fees.


Work with real estate agents such as Houzeo for the best results when selling a home the conventional way. They help you with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing, marketing, house showings, staging, photography, negotiating offers, and finalizing the deal.

You don’t need a listing agent when you list your house as an owner on the MLS. There is only the buyer’s agent commission left to pay. You’ll save an additional 3% if an agent doesn’t represent the buyer.