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The way people communicate is no longer the same since the outbreak of the pandemic. The utilization of the online-based platform in recent years has been the highest in history so far and more people are comfortable communicating online.

Corporates in all fields are now adjustable to do online meetings. While students and teachers find a new way to discuss their presentation videos without coming to class. Moreover, entrepreneurs discover a new way to sell their products by doing live videos.

This article will mainly talk about live videos that have been on the rise as a new way to do promotion and campaign. Let’s keep on reading to find the ultimate guide to run a live video on major social media platforms.

The Basic: Preparing for Live Streaming

Preparation is a classic rule but a must to do before starting a project, including for doing live video. There is equipment that you have to prepare before talking to your audiences.

Make sure you use a high-quality camera and audio to deliver great quality content. Also, find a place with enough lighting to do the live streaming. Natural light is the best, but you can also use additional lighting if needed.

Make a script if you think you need to. Video script helps you deliver all the materials to the audiences.

How to do Live Streaming Video on All Platforms

1. Facebook

Facebook as a social media platform with the highest number of active users can be a gold mine to get audiences. There are currently more than 2.8 billion active users on Facebook. No wonder, almost all companies have Facebook accounts to reach a broader audience.

There are two ways to do live videos on Facebook from your personal account or from your company’s page. Here are the steps to start a live video on Facebook.

Facebook live video from a personal account

  • Log into your Facebook account then click ‘Live video’.
  • Adjust the settings for your stream
  • Click ‘Go Live’ when you’re done

Facebook live video from your page

  • Log into your account then go to your page
  • Click ‘Live Video’
  • Add details to your live videos, such as title and description
  • Adjust the settings and click go live

Once you finish the live streaming, you can save it and upload your live video as a post on your Facebook page.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the second most-used social media platform after Facebook. That proves how people are addicted to video content. Just like Facebook, YouTube also provides a live streaming feature that can be done by these steps below.

YouTube live video from a computer

  • Log into your YouTube Channel
  • On the right top corner, click on the recorder icon and click ‘Go ‘Live’
  • You can start your live video right away or schedule it for later, then click start
  • Adjust your camera setting, whether you use a webcam or streaming software
  • Fill in the details for the title and description. Also, choose your privacy setting.
  • Click ‘Next’ for going live.

YouTube live video from a smartphone

  • Log into your YouTube account
  • Click the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Go Live’
  • Fill in the details for your live streaming
  • Then click ‘Next’ to go live

You can schedule your live streaming and promote it through a YouTube post in advance. This way you have a higher chance to gather more viewers during the live streaming.

3. Instagram

Instagram has 1.4 billion users globally and is dominated by Gen-Z. If your target audiences are the younger generation, then Instagram is a place to go. Follow these steps to do an Instagram live video.

  • Open and log into your Instagram account on your smartphone
  • Click on the top left corner, you’ll find some options to do with your Instagram
  • Choose Instagram live and add a title to your live streaming
  • Click ‘Go live’ to start the video live

Instagram has many features for its live streaming, such as filters and co-host options. Once you’re done live streaming, you can save it and upload it as IG TV.

4. LinkedIn

For a more formal occasion, you can use LinkedIn to run a live video. LinkedIn is famous among job hunters and professionals. Moreover, conducting live streaming on LinkedIn is also beneficial for companies to reach a wider audience.

Different from the previous platform, LinkedIn live video requires more steps and you have to meet their criteria to conduct one. Here are the steps to do LinkedIn video streaming.

  • Log into your LinkedIn account.
  • Make sure you are eligible to run live streaming. You can check it on LinkedIn Live Video Access Criteria.
  • Submit your application to know whether you want to conduct live streaming as a member or a page and wait for their approval
  • Choose a third-party broadcast tool or a custom stream (RTMP)
  • Add details to your live streaming, including title and description
  • Click ‘Go Live’

Similar to YouTube, consider scheduling your live streaming and promote it beforehand to gather more audiences. Also, make sure to follow LinkedIn’s guidelines and policies to avoid any problems.

5. TikTok

First introduced in 2016, TikTok managed to show its existence in cyberspace. As of January 2022, TikTok becomes the 6th most used social media app following Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Many marketers and influencers use TikTok to do live streaming to promote their products or services. If you plan to run a live video on TikTok, here are the steps to conduct one.

  • Open TikTok on your smartphone
  • Click the ‘+’ icon on home page and choose the ‘Live’ option
  • Add a title for your live streaming and click ‘Go Live’

However, TikTok only allows accounts with at least 1000 followers to do live streaming.

Take Away

In order to run your live video smoothly, make sure to do the preparation in advance. You need to check all equipment to avoid any error during the live. To optimize your presence, you may consider of doing rehearsals prior to the live streaming

Moreover, to gather audiences, you can set a schedule and promote your live video on your social media platform. So, when the day comes, you already have a mass of audiences waiting for your live video.


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