You’ve finally cleaned out your closet, but what should you do with the sarees you don’t wear anymore? You may be wondering where to sell used sarees and how to get the greatest price in the market.

People who adore sarees are known to have many wardrobes full of them. A good quality saree is not something you can get at a low price. If you adore genuine zari silk and Kanjeevaram silk sarees, you will spend a significant amount of money on a single saree. In fact, sarees are purchased on a yearly basis for a variety of occasions. 

You could have grown tired of your old sarees by now. Many folks have sarees that they do not want to wear but are unsure what to do with. They must be perplexed about selling their worn sarees. The most common reason behind this confusion is whether or not they will get the right worth for it.

Use these Tips for Selling Pure Kanchipuram Pattu Saree Online and Get the Best Price

Carefully Choose Used Silk Saree Buyers

The first and most important thing to keep in mind while planning to sell silk sarees is to pick a trustworthy and authentic silk buyer. is an industry-leading buyer of silk sarees. We have in place advanced and experienced silk saree testing facilities. In fact, we make sure to cause zero damage to your sarees while checking their quality.

Our team of professionals will test the zari quality – their originality and finesse – and then quote the actual price according to the quality. We make sure that we provide our customers with righteous worth for the precious silk sarees. Importantly, you can also sell damaged saree for cash with

Quality Check Reports

Whenever you intend to sell a used silk saree, make sure that your buyer provides you with the original quality report. Certainly, this will make you sure that the quoted price perfectly reflects the actual worth of the saree. evaluates the grade of the gold threads and other precious zari work on the sarees. We provide our customers with a free report.


Being transparent at every step of the process is essential. This will make sure that the silk saree buyer is maintaining integrity at each stage of the silk buying process. thrives on providing the best value for your sarees without compromising on quality checks and cost evaluation. Indeed, we keep in loop our customers throughout so that they are up-to-date about what is happening with their sarees.

Our user-friendly website updates every piece of information from time to time so that the customers are well aware of what is happening with their saree. Indeed, we also make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. If not, we welcome our client’s decision to return the offer that we have made to them. 

Easy and Quick Service

OLDZARI.COM picks up the saree right from your doorsteps after you book an order with us to sell your saree. We provide you with a tamper-proof package to pack your sarees so that they remain in their best condition throughout the transportation. Moreover, we do not incur any charges for sending you these packages.

The main benefit of selling your old sarees online is that there is no need to waste time going from shop to shop to compare rates, and there is no intermediary. Oldzari operates in a very secure and customer-friendly manner. If a client has an issue, we are always willing to assist, and the payout is swift and efficient.