Utah is a US state with over three million residents and is experiencing an annual population growth of 1.7%, which certainly puts some pressure on home prices. About 1500 homes are up for sale each month in Utah and out of these about 950 get sold.

You can choose from about 20,000 realtors in Utah, most of whom work in the major metro cities of Provo, West Jordan, and Salt Lake City.

The average home price in Utah is close to USD 400,000, which has increased by about 15% over the past year. However, the exact price of your home is dependent on its condition, size, and neighborhood.

2023 ranking of the top 6 realtors in Utah

Below is the 2022 list of the top six realtors in Utah:

  1. Houzeo

Houzeo is one of the best flat fee MLS service providers in Utah. It offers economic flat fee MLS packages combined with technological support. It provides convenient and affordable real estate services in 80+ markets in the US.

You can use one of Houzeo’s flat fee MLS packages to list your home for a flat fee rather than paying a 3% listing agent commission. With Houzeo, you can save money by customizing your package and controlling your expenses by picking only the services that make sense to you.

  1. Century 21

One of the largest realtors in Utah, Century 21 has over 11,000 independent franchise brokers and over 121,000 real estate agents in over 80 countries. Bryan Burnett has been ranked 5th best agent in the country for Century 21. He consistently ranks in the top one percent of realtors in the whole country.

  1. Jared Andrew

Andrew is a real estate agent with extensive expertise in residential real estate. In one year, he closes more real estate deals than most realtors close in their entire careers. He has sold investment properties all over the Western United States and is well-known for his expertise in negotiating, staging, and pricing.

Congress Realty by Andrew operates in Alaska, Arizona, Louisiana, Montana, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

  1. Engel & Völkers

The renowned global company specializes in the brokerage of high-end real estate along with yachts and airplanes. It has over 800 sites worldwide to provide a variety of professional services to both private and institutional clients. The firm operates in over 30 countries across five continents.

Led by Paul Benson, Engel & Völkers has 38 offices in Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Idaho. For the past decade, Paul has consistently been named Utah’s top agent having done over 1,000 transactions.

  1. Ryan Kramer

Ryan Kramer along with his staff has over 35 years of combined professional experience working in St. George, Washington County, Utah. They have a rare combination of skills and have a strong presence in the community where they work. Their real estate brokerage RE/MAX is well-known in Utah. The franchise has over 125,000 agents and has been ranked in the top real estate brokerages in the year 2020.

  1. UtahRealEstate.com

Real estate listings in Utah often originate from UtahRealEstate.com, the most widely used property information platform for real estate agents in Utah. Joel Carson is the founder and lead broker of Utah Real Estate. The multi-award-winning real estate agent has also been recently named the best in Utah by Real Trends.

How top realtors in Utah can help you sell your home

Selling your own property in Utah may get challenging and that’s where realtors in Utah can help. There are three major benefits of employing a real estate agent in Utah and they are as follows:

  1. They can expertly market your home

As the realtors in Utah have amazing local marketing experience, they can market and sell your home efficiently.

It can get difficult to market your home by just using flat fee MLS Utah. A skilled realtor spends years honing her marketing skills and does what you’ll do in hours, they can in minutes.

However, if you’re selling your home FSBO, use high-quality images and a compelling house description to attract buyers. A realtor in Utah would know a photographer that can do an amazing job in creating fabulous home images. A realtor can also easily explain your house in the description to entice potential buyers.

If you decide to sell your house using a flat fee MLS in Utah, remember that house descriptions and photos can make or break the number of offers you receive. That’s the perfect solution for “How to list on MLS.”

  • You would not have to spend a considerable time selling your home

If you are selling a house for the first time in Utah, be ready for surprises that would eat up your time. On the other hand, an agent is familiar with the home selling process like marketing your property to potential home buyers, managing open houses, negotiating with the buyer’s agent, and closing the sale.

If you have a tight schedule due to a demanding job or family obligations, hiring a realtor in Utah can be a wise choice. With this, you can have your valuable time by yourself as the agent manages the selling of your house.

  • A realtor will understand all legal documents

A realtor in Utah will be familiar with any legal paperwork that is required in the home selling process. Legalities like contracts are law binding and so they must not be taken lightly.

It is to your advantage to use the typical Utah contract to prevent any legal complications in the future. Again, if you need to make any changes to the standard paperwork, you must consult an attorney or a real estate specialist having experience with this procedure to ensure you comply with all the Utah state regulations if you’re selling your home by yourself.

As the law is a difficult topic to understand, when you set out to sell your property using flat fee MLS Utah, it is an area where you can lose money. Alternatively, you can even work with a professional who can provide this legal documentation when you are selling your Utah house.

How to choose a realtor in Utah

Let’s see what a licensed realtor in Utah can do for you and how to choose an appropriate one. A smart real estate agent is well-informed in everything from the safest localities in Utah to local property trends. They are aware of the property information like no other. Whether you are planning to buy or sell a home, price is a major consideration. A realtor in Utah can provide you with a comparative market analysis and help you price your home and handle offers. If you are a home buyer in Utah, they can use this information to find houses that are in your budget.

So, you can choose a realtor who has been in the field for many years and is savvy enough to help you buy or sell your home in a way that is beneficial to you.

Final word

Buying or selling a home is a big decision. Having a real estate agent by your side who is familiar with your needs helps you buy or sell a home right. We hope that this list of top realtors in Utah helps you with a home sale or buy.

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